School Closure: Water Supply Issues

School Closure: Water Supply Issues

Dear Parents & Carers, 

unfortunately, I am closing school early today because of an issue with our water supply

I have been informed by United Utilities that their engineers are investigating damage to the water supply in our area which has left school with no water.  Both our hand washing facilities and the school’s toilet systems, for our children and staff, are currently unserviceable. The return of the water supply to the area, has been estimated at four hours, at least.

I have been informed that there are water tankers on their way to the area but these are currently stuck in standing traffic some distance from Heskin.  United Utilities have also informed me that the water supply from these tankers may not be enough to ensure adequate water pressure for all of the school’s water systems.

Please collect your children from school at your earliest possible convenience, making your way to the front office when you arrive for collection. 

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

Best wishes,