New Admissions to School

Please look at the procedures for new admissions.


Applications for admission to the school for September, 2023 should be made on-line at between 1st September, 2022 and 15th January, 2023. It is not normally possible to change the order of your preferences for schools after the closing date.

Debbie Ormerod, Lancashire County Council’s Access & Entitlement Manager, has produced a short video clip, offering her professional advice and guidance about the admissions process.  Her video clip can be found here:


Parents must complete the Local Authority electronic form, stating three preferences. Parents who wish their application to this Church school to be considered against the faith criteria should also complete the supplementary form. If the school is oversubscribed, a failure to complete the supplementary form may result in your application for a place in this school being considered against lower priority criteria as the Governing Body will have no information upon which to assess the worship attendance.


When you make your applications  on-line on the common application form; the Diocesan Supplementary Form appears when you click “Submit”. It should be printed off and handed in to the appropriate school or schools.

The Diocesan Form for Heskin Pemberton’s can be found here:  SIF Parent Form HPPS 09046 2024

Additional information about the Diocesan form can be found here.


September 2024 offers will be issued to parents by Tuesday 16th April, 2024.


For the complete admissions procedure for 2024, please click here.

In Year Application

Applying for a place during the school year

An in year admission is when you request a transfer to another school part-way through the academic year.  Moving to a new school is an important step for all children. It can affect children in many ways and decisions by parents to change school should therefore always be carefully considered. Further information on the things to consider can be found in the “Lancashire In Year Admission Leaflet” which can be downloaded here:

Leaflet .

If you would like to look around our school, or enquire about the availability of places please contact the school office on 01257 451365.

In order to process your in year admission request we need to receive a completed “Application Form for In Year Admission to Lancashire Schools”. You can download a copy of this application form here:

In Year Application Form HPPS .

On receipt of your completed form, if we have a place available in the relevant year group, we will contact you to make arrangements to admit your child. This will normally be from the start of the following term or half-term unless you are moving into the area and are without a school place.

If we do not have space to be able to admit your child because the relevant year group is full, you have the right of appeal to an independent appeals panel. The school office will provide you with the relevant forms if you wish to pursue an appeal.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school office on 01257 451365 where we will be happy to help.




Our school’s admission appeals are supported by Lancashire County Council. If the Governing Board cannot offer a school place, parents have the right to make an appeal. This appeal should be submitted using the link below within twenty days of refusal of admission. The appeal provides you with an opportunity to explain why you wish to register your child at our school. The appeal forms and advice on how to complete them is available on the Lancashire County Council website:


Primary school appeals – Lancashire County Council


Lancashire County Council will contact you in respect of your appeal application and inform you of the arrangements. The outcome of the appeal will be notified to you in writing. The decision of the Independent Appeal Panel is binding to all parties, ie the family and the school. Please note that this right of appeal against the Governors’ decision does not prevent you from making an appeal in respect of any other school.